Mindfulness lets you choose how you see the world

Perspective is unique to each of us.

What you may consider amazing and incredible, I might consider ridiculous and unremarkable. Every single person on the planet has their own viewpoints on absolutely everything.

To be sure, we can come together in communities that share ideals and other things. But even there, it’s a matter of perspective. How many wars have been fought over which viewpoint of God is the right one, for example?

Perspective is based upon your life experiences, beliefs, background, education, upbringing, influences, and any number of sources over the course of your life. You will learn new things all the time, but what you do with what you learn is entirely up to you.

For a lot of people, they just accept things they are told. Often, though, this began when they were children, and because the ability to reason comes around puberty, many of the things we learn and take to heart before then embed themselves unquestioned. Then, as we get older and exposed to personal philosophies, ideas, and communities, it can be easy to let them enfold you in their perspective like a down blanket on a cold winter night.

But the truth is, your perspective is yours, and unique to you. Nobody else is inside your head, so nobody else can think or feel exactly in the manner in which you do. This, however, is not something generally taught to us by anyone. In part because it’s one of those things that you are expected to just know, because you are human. In part, this is one of those things that is incredibly simple, but we as a species have chosen to complicate through the ages.

This is where mindfulness matters.

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Becoming mindful of your perspective

This is not awareness of politics, current events, and the outside world. This is real awareness of yourself. When you get in touch with what you are thinking, and how and what you are feeling, you are working on mindfulness.

This is where perspective exists. Whether you are aware of your thoughts and feelings or no, your perspective of the world and everyone and everything comes from this. Inside your head is composed entirely of thought and feeling, and that forms perspective.

When you are conscious of your thought and feeling, mindful of where this is taking you, you also become mindful of your perspective. In being mindful of your perspective you gain the ability to choose if you wish to take a positive or a negative approach to life.

Is your perspective of life one of struggle, hardship, and futility? Or is it one of opportunity, wonder and potential? The choice is entirely up to you. No matter how bad things may have been along the way, you can still decide to turn life around. Altering your perspective can do this.

Mindfulness opens your perspective up to new possibilities. You get to choose whether to view the world with possibility or worthlessness. This begins by seeing your self worth and possibility. Every change begins with you.

Your life, and your perspective, make you who you are. It is unique to you, and you alone. Knowing that you can use mindfulness to alter your perspective of the world, you can choose to decide whether that is positive or negative. When you see how your unique perspective of the world can impact and alter your life for the better, you ultimately empower yourself.

What will you do to make this life as amazing as possible?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain. http://www.mjblehart.com

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