There is no harm in finding reasons to smile.

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Yesterday I got to see a whole slate of new programming coming from Disney+.

The vast majority is Star Wars shows. And I was, upon seeing this, 7 years old all over again.

Recent episodes of The Mandalorian have been utterly awesome — and yes, I recognize if you’re are not a big geeky Star Wars fan like me some of this may have been lost on you. But between a live-action Ahsoka Tano and the return of Boba Fett — I am having a fangasm.

I make no apology for my extreme geekiness. As my wife said when we first began to date, “You are such a geek!” Guilty as charged. She had never met someone so out of the geek closet as I am.

But then, most of my friends are similar to me. The amount of squeeing on Facebook last night following the announcements was epic among us.

It made me smile. Thinking about it today, still smiling.

We need more things that make us smile. Because life is too short to be miserable as often as we are.

Don’t deny the bad stuff

One of the biggest issues that come up in this topic is toxicity. Lots of notions of positivity, finding and creating ways to feel good, mindfulness, and so on tend to disregard, ignore, or outright blow off negativity.

Well, you can’t. The Universe is balanced, and there is always a yin and yang. To know the positivity and reasons to smile you need to be aware of the negativity and reasons to frown. They go hand in hand, one coin, two sides.

The problem we face is that we live in a fear-based society. Everywhere we turn, messages of lack, scarcity, insufficiency, anger, fear, loathing, and other negatives feed the fear. And we devour it like potato chips.

Yes, it’s important to be aware of the bad stuff. COVID-19 is killing more people every day than most people acknowledge. It’s out of control, and the steps to wrangle it are not being taken in favor of bullshit politics. On every level, just FYI (looking at you, Congress. Stop wasting time and do right by your constituents, you selfish pricks).

Balance is recognizing the bad stuff and then releasing it. When you haul it in, load up on it — you overwhelm yourself with it. That makes it much harder to smile, recover, and move forward.

Negativity is an anchor

Allowing our fear-based society to dominate who you are anchors you in place. That prevents any momentum, really. Sure, the waves might move you around some — but in truth, you go nowhere.

You have all the power to change this. But it takes mindfulness and actions to shift where you figuratively are.

When you get bogged down in the ongoing bad stuff — rather than just noticing and acknowledging it — you create an unnecessary anchor. That, in turn, makes it a lot harder to do what you desire to do or go where you desire to be.

That’s why finding things to make you smile are so damned important. Because the more good things we have to look to, and the more positivity we can find and/or create, the more we can shift the fear-base to a reason-base.

That, of course, begins with you and me.

Put a smile on your face with gratitude

Even if you are not in the best place, for any reason, right now you have things for which you can be grateful.

Many, if not most, are intangible. Or, if tangible, taken for granted. For example:

· Your heart is beating

· Air is flowing into your lungs

· You can read this

· You’re alive

· Tomorrow is the weekend

· The sun rose this morning

Simple truths for which you can express gratitude.

This is not just saying “thank you” and moving on. You also need to FEEL grateful. The thought and feeling, combined, allow you to manifest life in new and better ways.

I’m excited to see all these cool Star Wars programs coming soon. That makes me smile, makes me feel like a kid again, and that energy is mine to use to alter where I mindfully am for the better.

There is no harm in finding reasons to smile. What makes you smile today?

Thank you for reading. I am MJ Blehart. I write about mindfulness, conscious reality creation, positivity, and similar life lessons.
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