Where do the Ideas Come From?

Exploring resources from within, without, and elsewhere — and the manifestation process.

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I have a lot of different ideas rambling around inside my head. Some are more readily accessible than others.

Many of the ideas in my head are practical applications of mindfulness, conscious reality creation, and working to take control out of my subconscious to pass into my conscious — and sharing the process. I think that if people became more aware of themselves — specifically their thoughts, feelings, and actions — they would be empowered.

Empowered people become capable of combatting fear with reason. I strongly believe that this is the key to bettering this world and turning around our fear and lack-based society and building up a reason and abundance-based society.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is very Pollyanna of me. I make no apology for being an optimist.

The other ideas in my head tend towards fantastical stories. Many of these are of my own devising, featuring characters and situations entirely of my own imagination. Some are an analysis of other people’s stories and probably equate to fan-fiction. Those never get written out…but my own worlds do.

Whatever form they take, the question I want to explore is where do the ideas come from? There are three answers, two of which are reasonable and logical, the last of which comes from, let’s just say elsewhere, and are rather fantastical.

Ideas that come from without

This is the easiest resource to look at. Everything that you encounter day to day can provide insight, notions, thoughts, feelings, and general ideas.

Some of these are utterly random and ludicrous. They might just make good stories or unusual thoughts of impossible (or tremendously improbable and impractical) realities. Others, though, might spark an idea for a business, an invention, a direction to take your life, ways to help other people, and so on.

What causes such ideas? It can be virtually anything. A meme on Facebook. Perhaps an article on Medium, another website, or a newscast. Maybe a sign you saw on a truck driving past you sparked this idea. It’s entirely possible that a movie or TV show you were watching caused an idea to form in your head. Or you caught the snippet of a conversation other people walking past you were having, and the idea came to you.

Whatever it is, outside stimuli were the fuel for the ideas. Big or small, it doesn’t really matter, so long as you get to create something new. It also doesn’t matter if this is practical or impractical, a useful notion for living or just a fun story.

In your day to day experiences, you will encounter things to spark your imagination and open your creativity. The main thing about this is whether you will take action to turn that idea into something.

Ideas that come from within

You are always thinking. No matter how hard you try to shut it off, your mind is racing. Thoughts and figures, calculations, analyses, ruminations, and general processes are always going. As such they are frequently able to generate new ideas.

Once in a while, you get the mind to slow way down, but never quite shut off. This generally entails a practice such as meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, or simply getting sleep. These slow-downs of the mind allow you to practice better mindfulness for influence and control over your thoughts and feelings.

When you are more conscious, your subconscious can take certain data and explore it. That can be communicated to your conscious mind, and when you are paying attention an idea may be borne.

Frequently outside stimuli originated the idea, but that can go back a long, long, long way. You may have read a book when you were 10 years old that sat in your psyche for decades before a line from that book sparked a new idea in your 40’s or 50’s. This means it has now become an idea from within.

I was in the shower and thinking about clearing my head (I am a bit congested today). A thought from seemingly nowhere struck me — where do ideas come from? You are now reading the article that the idea sparked.

Just like ideas that come from without, your day-to-day experiences will open channels within your mind to spark your imagination and open your creativity. The main thing about this is whether you will take action to turn that idea into something.

Ideas that come from…elsewhere

Let me start by saying that for the most part, I consider this notion to be bunk. However, in the interest of fairness and presenting the notion of where ideas come from I want to address it.

Some people believe that ideas come from REALLY outside sources. Specifically, God and alternative universes.

Many people believe in God or some other omnipresent deity. How you believe, if you believe, varies from person to person. Some see God as a benign power that remains aloof and keeps watch, while others see God more malevolent and frequently putting a hand into things.

Thus they see ideas as God’s creations. Everything made has been brought out by God through various and sundry vessels. So when you have an idea for something new it is because God placed that idea there.

This could go really deep, but I do not want to turn this into an in-depth metaphysical and spiritual essay. I just want to present this concept.

The other notion of alternative universes can be quite similar but much more secular. It postulates that we live in a multiverse. As such, mirrors, reflections, and alternative variations of reality exist simultaneously with this reality.

Thus new ideas are things that already exist in one of these alternative universes. These things exist elsewhere but haven’t gotten to here yet.

This also works with the notion of reality being an illusion. So that means if every person on Earth has their own reality there are already 7 billion-plus realities simultaneously happening. Why can’t there be billions more?

I have no doubt that there are similar ethereal and out-there notions for the origin of ideas. This could get pretty silly. So let’s instead ask the most important question:

What do you do with your idea?

Manifesting the idea into reality…or not

Once you have an idea you can take it and turn it into something. Or not. You could just let it go.

Sometimes you know how to make the idea you have had manifest. But then there are times you may have no clue whatsoever how this might be possible.

For example, you have a great idea for an invention that doesn’t currently exist…but haven’t the foggiest how to go about making it real.

This also applies to stories, whether fiction or non-fiction. The title of this article came to me in the shower. The rest of this has been created based on that alone because I love to write.

Likewise, when new characters or scenes from fantastical worlds pop-up in my head I often start to write them out. Sometimes this blossoms into a whole book, other times I don’t get much past the initial character and a scene or two.

When you have an idea you have the choice of doing something to make it manifest and bring it into the world in some form or other. Wherever the idea comes from, within, without, or elsewhere, it is nothing but a fleeting thought until you energize it into something more.

And yes, some of the ideas you will have are terrible. I know I have had many ideas along the way that I would NOT want to make manifest. This, too, is a decision — and the choice is yours for not acting upon it.

Tangible or intangible, ideas create the world. What you do with that is your choice. Do you tend to have cool ideas and let them go or try to turn them into something?

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter, and so do your ideas.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain. http://www.mjblehart.com

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