Why Don’t Negative Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions Bring Positive Outcomes?

This is obvious, right? And yet…

Murray "MJ" Blehart
7 min readSep 4

I’ve met many people who are constant complainers.

This is wrong, that’s not right, those things are imperfect. People, places, things — they will find something to complain about.

What’s funny about this — not funny — is that they frequently add a complaint even to something good. We had a great experience at that restaurant — except for the waitress or It was a great rental car, but it smelled like air freshener or It was a great date, he just parts his hair to the left rather than the right, and it bothers me.

In addition to the constant complainers, there are lots of people who have ideas — but never execute them. Or worse, they have an excuse for why they won’t. These are the never-doers.

This isn’t the time or I need to lose 1000 pounds first or I don’t know how it can be done and so on. Something is always there that will get in the way of the execution of any given plan.

And then there are the people who blame other people, places, and things for their problems. I’m not talking about recognizing the culpability of another’s actions — like a drunk driver who wrecked your car. This is the person who blames everyone and everything for their lack.

The job market is crap, my parents were narcissistic pinheads, the boss is an asshole, “the man” is keeping me down, the sun always gets in my eyes, that mediocre guy got in my way, and the like.

And the cherry on top is that they wonder why their life isn’t how, what, where, or why they most desire for it to be.

Negative thoughts, feelings, and actions cannot bring positive outcomes. Why isn’t this obvious?

You can’t turn left if the wheel is turned to the right

Positive and negative are opposite ends of a spectrum. It’s not a coin. There is a huge space between positivity and negativity. That’s why I consider it a cylinder.

BUT — it’s not a solid cylinder. That’s because positive and negative don’t always remain as they are. Something positive today can become negative tomorrow…

Murray "MJ" Blehart

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