You Are Not Your Body — It’s The Vessel for Your Life Energy

Life is energy, and energy is life.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
5 min readNov 16, 2023


You Are Not Your Body — It’s The Vessel for Your Life Energy
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When we lose people dear to us, their energy has not gone. Instead, it has been transmuted back to the Universe.

We will miss the people we care about when they leave us. Their energy may be gone from our lives, but it’s not truly gone. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, just transmuted into a new form.

As I’m sitting at my desk writing this, I’m witnessing the sun rising outside my window. Its light and energy are comforting and inspiring. Like the sun, I’m also capable of rising above the horizon and making my way across the sky.

Too flowery? That doesn’t make it any less true. All energy vibrates at a frequency. Higher frequencies are positive and lower frequencies are negative. Hence, like the sun, rising and flying is an apropos metaphor.

When I work to consciously create my reality, I’m striving to manifest a life that makes me happy. To do that, I must manipulate my own energy so that I can be attuned to a higher frequency. The higher the frequency I’m tuned in to, the better I can consciously create for myself.

Losses that I’ve experienced make me sad. I grieve for those who have passed. But I also am comforted in knowing that their energies are still out there. It just leaves the vessel that is our bodies and transmutes to another form.

Yoda taught me this when I was a kid:

“Luminous beings are we. Not this crude matter.”

Life happens where we are here and now

Our society has a particular obsession with looking forward and looking backward. Seldom do we work in the here and now. I fall prey to that a lot myself and have been actively working on changing it.

To do that requires being actively consciously aware. This leads to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a buzzword overused and misunderstood by many. My definition is simple. Mindfulness is active conscious awareness to assert control over your life experience over what you can.



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