Your Life is Worthwhile

You will encounter numerous things telling you if you are worthy…or not. Whatever they say, you are worthwhile.

Everyone questions their worth in this world. In living our lives, various messages from without, and perceptions from within, raise all sorts of questions. Some questions are simple with simple answers, while others are far more complex.

One of the trickiest questions you have likely asked yourself along the way is:

Am I worthy?

This question is tricky because the measure of worth is both really simple and really complicated at the same time.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but…

You are a worthwhile person

Let’s just put that out there to start with. You are a worthwhile human being. You add value to the world in any number of ways. It’s important to recognize that YOU MATTER.

Part of the issue with determining worth is the question of what it is you are seeking to be worthy of.

The simple, short answer is that you are worthy and deserving of anything you seek in your life. The long answer adds a “but” to it. The “but” is a qualifier, in that it recognizes a certain amount of effort and work in some instances.

For example: Are you worthy of becoming a doctor? Yes, but you need to earn your medical degree. Are you worthy of finding a soul mate? Yes, but you need to put yourself out there and date people. Are you worthy of an accolade? Yes, but you have to do something to earn it.

These are all tied to external things. These matters of worth involve a relation to things apart from yourself. Overall, this is about tangibles.

When it comes to intangibles, you are ALWAYS worthy.

You are worthy and deserving

Yes, you are worthy and deserving of love, joy, happiness, peace, prosperity, connection, support, success, and anything else that you can conceive of. You are worthy of any of these immaterial intangible things because you are a valuable, worthwhile human being.

Where this gets complicated is in outside influences and perception of them. When you see that a person of a certain class, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, religion, or what-have-you is propped up as being more worthy than someone not of the same, it can be disheartening. This can make you feel like your worth is less.

Your worth is not less.

Nobody is more privileged or otherwise worthy than anyone else for good things. You are worthy of all the good you desire for your life. Nobody is more worthy of that because of the family, nationality, skin color, or any other superficial ism they may have been born into.

Despite messages otherwise, you are a worthwhile, worthy, and deserving person. You need not prove that to anyone, either.

Find your self-worth

It is all-too-easy to get caught up in the outside messages. When we are inundated with worth versus lack of worth involving other people, it can be easy to find yourself feeling unworthy. This is why self-worth is so important.

I know that this can be really difficult. A lot of people struggle with finding and recognizing their own self-worth. This is because we spend so much of our lives seeking outside validation and approval that it washes over our own sense of self. This, in turn, erodes our feelings of worth and makes us feel lesser.

Nobody was placed on this Earth to be subjugated by anyone else. You are not lesser than another person; nobody can tell you who to be or what to do unless you empower them to do so.

You, however, are empowered to be, do, and have whatever it is you seek from this life. Yes, it might take some effort on your part, but that makes you no less worthy of it.

Recognizing your own worth can be challenging. Some people fear to look within because they are afraid they will find that they are indeed worthless.

You. Are. Worthwhile. You are an amazing person, you add value to the world, and you may be in a situation that is less-than-ideal — but you are worthy of better. When you become mindful of this, you can work to improve your feeling of self-worth.

You are not in competition

How can you find your self-worth? Ask yourself questions:

· What am I thinking?

· How am I feeling?

· What am I feeling?

· Why am I doing this?

Any and all of these questions will bring you into the present. From the present, you gain influence and control over your thoughts and feelings and can change feelings of worthlessness to worthiness.

This will take practice. It will take concentration, and finding ways to change feelings are going to be different for everyone. You are the only one in your head, but that’s a good thing. It means you have the ability to change what’s going on in there.

Despite messages to the contrary, you are not in competition to prove your worth. No, this does not apply to individual sports like tennis, golf, fencing, or any other activity where there will be a winner and a loser. This is one of those matters of “Yes, but…” This is because to be worthy of being the best participant in a given sport, you need to put in practice and work.

Sure, there are other similar examples. Academics, certain types of commission sales jobs, objective contests (a trivia competition would be objective, whereas a lottery is subjective), and the like. You are worthy, but it will require work to gain success.

Outside of this realm, however, you are not in competition. This is because we live in an abundant Universe. What that means is that when it comes to love, joy, happiness, peace, prosperity, connection, support, success, and similar intangibles, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH to go around. You are as worthy of them as ANYONE else, and there is no true competition for them.

You needn’t prove your worth to anyone, yourself included

You deserve and are worthy of all the intangible feelings you desire. There is no need to prove your value and worth to anyone else, including yourself.

You are amazing. There is only one you on this planet, and you are worthy and deserving of having the best possible life that you can. Messages to the contrary, that you need to be ‘X’ or ‘Q’ or come from ‘Z’, are not the truth.

Be the best you that you can be. Don’t be afraid of how anyone else perceives you, because you are worthy and deserving of an outstanding life.

How do you determine a person’s worth? By recognizing your own worth, and that you are as equal as anyone else in the world. You are worthy and deserving.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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